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Bi-fold Door – Things to be remembered before buying it

Owning a house is everyone’s dream. By owning your own house, you don’t have to worry about the compensation you have to pay if you broke things or to pay the rent. You can do everything you want in your own house without worrying such matters. You can also decorate and arrange your furniture in your home any way you want. Unfortunately, the most common problem you will have to face is space. By utilizing the available space, it can define how good and how modern your house is. Luckily, the bi-fold door is the answer to such a problem. 

Bi-fold door is a kind of door which can be ‘fold’. To put it simply, if you open the door, it will not swing like the normal one, but it will slide open from the middle. It resembles the fusuma (sliding doors from Japan), but the door is divided into section or panels. This door has become popular because it gives a stylish look and it is more practical than the standard door. 

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The materials needed for making bi-fold door may vary; wood, UPVC, or aluminum. It is available in the market, and it is ready and easy to be installed. You can customize the door after buying it to maximize your creativity in making your house more modern. To do it, you have to consider some things before you buy the bi-fold door. These tips will help you to maximize the stylish look for your house while deciding which bi-fold door you should buy. Ready? Here we go!

The first thing you have to consider is the available space in your house. You have to make sure that you have measured the space accurately. Though the name of the door is bi-fold, it may consist of more than two sections or panels. Knowing this, you have to measure how wide you want to install your bi-fold door. For example, if you’re going to install the bi-fold door to connect the living room and the backyard or garden, you have to measure how wide you want it to be installed so that you can decide how many sections or panels you need for your bi-fold door. 

Besides, the height of the door is also important because it will determine the weight of your door. The taller the door, the less weight it has. It would be great if you can measure the space by yourself, but I suggest you talk to the company or the specialist who will help you in measuring and installing the door. It costs more money, but, on the contrary, it is safer and it is recommended for the perfection of the installation. 

The next is the function of the bi-fold door. The bi-fold door will suit perfectly to be installed in small rooms such as laundry or kitchen pantry. It is because the door saves much space since it slides over rather than swinging as the standard door does. If you have small rooms in your house, it is recommended to install it for the rooms. By doing it, your small room will not look full or compact. Bi-fold door is also compatible with connecting rooms that need a wide view. For example, to connect the living room and the backyard. 

Imagine you have a barbeque party in your backyard with your family and your friends. Not all of them will help you in preparing the party, some of them may lay on the couch and watch TV. It would be great if the bi-fold door is installed to connect those two rooms. It will make the people more comfortable to move between two rooms and to make the interaction more practical. 

The door you will buy have to match with the decoration of your house. Even though you have a traditional house with traditional decoration, it is vital to match every furniture with the decoration, including the bi-fold doors. Make sure you find the bi-fold door which has the same design, color, and concept with your decoration. You don’t want to have a different idea and design within the house because it is not good looking and the model may collide with each other. 

The most important thing to remember is your budget. The basic rule of buying things is that do not ever buy stuff if you cannot afford it. If you have done the first tips, measure the space, you will know in which room the bi-fold door should be installed, what the bi-fold door materials you can afford, and what is the size of the bi-fold door. If you have enough budget to spend on additional cost, it is okay to have a wide bi-fold door since it costs you more money. You also can customize your door if the default design does not match with your style. The cost for the bi-fold door may vary. Make sure you have searched the information so that it will not exceed your budget. 

The last tip is to make sure the safety of the bi-fold door you are going to buy. Since it is different from the usual door, the bi-fold door has its standards security system. Make sure the door has at least five to six-lever key cylinder. That is the standard and minimum requirements of the locking system which meets the police security system standard. If your concern lies in the security of the door, you also have to make sure that the hinges of the door are strong enough to hold the break-in. If the straps are strong enough, you will have enough time to call the police by the time the thief enter your house. 

The bi-fold doors have become popular because it gives a stylish look for your house. It has more benefits than the sliding doors and regular doors hold if you want to save space as much as you can. If you have decided to buy the bi-fold doors, don’t forget to consider some things mentioned above to make your house more stylish and good-looking. 

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