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Creative Ways to Enhance Colors to the Decor in Your House

Color is one of the effective ways you can do to express your personality and also create a focal point in the rooms of your house. An unexpected colors utilization speaks more about your taste and style and also divides the areas in your home. Decorating colors in your rooms do not have to be challenging. It is as easy as 60-30-10.

If you look at the instance’s rooms in the professional designers’ portfolio or magazines, you will see that most rooms are divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Why does this happen? It is because humans tend to look at the entire theme in 60% colors, unifying the colorations, followed by 30% that involves visual interests. While the other 10% adds a few sparks.

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When you handle the decoration of your house, it will be better if you divide it into these percentages:

  • 10% of the accent colors
  • 30% of the secondary colors
  • 60% of the dominant colors

Here are several creative ways you can do to enhance colors to the decoration in your house.

Use Colors to Be Emotional

Every person relates colors to something they represent. For example, red represents warmth, yellow represents the sun, blue represents the sea and air, and green represents trees.

Generally, all of these are considered as the emotional responses to colors, compared to the intellectual reactions. This is why you can utilize the emotional associations to bring out the most significant effects inside a room.

You can do it by determining the emotional effect you want in a room. Do you want it to be livelier? Then, you can choose red or yellow. Do you want to be calm? Then, brown and blue are perfect choices. It is crucial to know that the colors you choose must reflect the activities you do in the room. For example, if the room is for getting a break such as a bedroom or family room, you should choose darker color tones that related to calmness, such as green, brown, and blue.

Consider Contrast

A room with a high contrast looks way clearer compared to the one with low contrast. A room with high contrast is a room that uses the values of dark and bright colors in combination with bright gold. On the other hand, a room with low contrast use green and saffron yellow.

The golden rule is to use high contrast to increase the formality in your room and high contrast colors to introduce the calming quality.

When black and white are combined, it creates a formal appearance. Pairing black and white lacks color values and more of decreasing or adding lights. But white and beige have low contrast with a calm feeling. By combining black, white, and grey, you will have a quiet room.

Flow with Colors

For you who want to create a flowing color from one room to another room, all you have to do is just choosing a color you use in one room and then differently restate it in another room.

For instance, do you have a green sofa? Then you can use the same green color for the fabric seats in your dining room. Or you can apply it to the lampshades in your family room, or mats in your kitchen. Utilize the colors in the smaller and bigger degrees when you move around the house.

Consider to Add Colors to Your Furniture

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Bold colors are not limited only for the walls. So, who don’t you brighten up the old furniture that you probably do not like?

For example, you can paint yellow your walls, then give an accent to your furniture with pops of aqua. Despite your local’s colors, you can choose a color that represents the area where you live. Or you are also able to pick colors from variations of seasonal shades. Colors of fall such as mustard yellow, brown, and russets will create a calming and restful room to get rested.

On the other hand, colors of spring such as lilac, saffron yellow, pink, which are uplifting will bring a fresh look to your room.

Consider to Add Several Mother Nature

Green plants and flowering plants usually will add personalities, colors, scents, and amazing feelings to a living room. For you who do not have enough time to take care of the plants, you can ask the nurseries for plants recommendations that need no treatment or just a little bit of therapy.

If you are far away from your house for long, you should be satisfied with the amazing ones which are available in the market. Find flowers with a great look, green plants, or the ones which only need dusting.

Have a Scheme of Colors

Choosing a right and proper scheme of colors for the rooms in your house can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, there is a way you can do to simplify the process.

You can do it by using a color wheel, then narrow your options into only two schemes of colors. Of course, there are some more. But these things are not only useful but also the best place to start:

  • Analogous color scheme – A room that uses this color scheme is more relaxing, more casual, and more muted when it comes to coloration.
  • Complementary color scheme – A room that uses this color scheme offers a clear color separation.

Think About Local and Seasonal Colors

By studying the past schemes of colors, you surely will be able to make a room’s color by inserting the accepted scheme of colors.

Not many people have times and money to do a total makeover and decoration for their houses. But there are a lot of creative ways to refresh your home by using and adding colors. Follow the strategies mentioned above to change the appearance and feel of your house. You will instantly create a fresh and new look.

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