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Different Types of Houses in the World to Help You Select the Best House for Your Family

Like the American English which has so many borrowed expressions words from other different languages, the American residential architecture borrows different kinds of house types from other countries around the world as well.

However, some of the house types were seen first in the USA. Those things make America like a melting pot with various human races, house types, foods, habits, etc.

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If you plan to build a house, but you are not sure about the type of the house to live in with your loved ones, you’d better know different kinds of homes first. How can you choose a particular type of house if you don’t even know that there are many house types to inspire you?

Search for an ideal house for you and your family from the article I share here.

Various types of houses

  • Art Deco House

The first time this house type appeared was after the First World War in France. Art Deco is a combination of motifs of traditional craft and imagery of machine age and materials. The design characteristics are strong geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and rich ornamentation. The famous buildings in the world with art deco style that still exist today are the Fisher Building, Fox Building, and Guardian building. All of them are located in the USA.

  • Cape Cod House

This house type was first built in the seventeenth century and developed in New England to resist a terrible winter. You know that New England is famous for its terrible winter, right?

Its characteristics are a single story, a central fireplace, and steep roofs to remove snow easier. The today’s Cape-Cod house will include dormer windows and rear garages.

  • Farmhouse

In rural areas, this house type is common. It usually has a place for animals that is called a house-barn. Some farmhouses may have more than one barn to connect to the farmhouse.

We still can see a farmhouse in the North German Plain called the Low German House. This farmhouse has a sweeping roof supported by the internal posts of two rows.

  • Bungalow

This house type has been so favorite all around the world after the First World War.  People in the UK and North America use a home, which is usually one-story and detached, as their residential house.

The features are low-rise and a veranda. Some bungalows can be with a second story that is designed into the sloping roof.

  • Contemporary

This house type features the asymmetrical designs, dramatic rooflines, windows of big swaths, and space which is open and large. If you wish to have a contemporary house, the plan is so simple with clean lines. The windows are usually large and without decorative trims. The roofs are generally flat, shed, or gabled.

This house type can have a plan of open floor similar to the houses built in the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s. The examples of famous contemporary homes are Monsanto House of the Future at 1956 Disneyland and the house on the Brady Bunch—the sitcom popular from 1969 to 1973.

  • Craftsman

This house type was popular from the late 1800s to the early of 1900s. At that time people wanted to move on from the Victorian architecture. People loved its simplicity and the clear-cut lines that made them free from the frills in Victorian architecture.

This house style is now a more stylish bungalow. Its features are trimmed woods for decorative purposes, exposed roof rafters, low-pitched and gabled roofs, and the porches to wrap around the house.

  • Mansion

This is a kind of large self-sustaining building that originally was built for priests. The word mansion derives from the phrase manere that means dwelling. Characteristics of a mansion are luxurious amenities, has many bedrooms and bathrooms, facilities for entertainment such as salons, ballrooms, lounges, spa facilities, home theaters, gyms, high technology media room, high-tech safe room, billiard rooms, specialty bars, pools, kitchens to entertain guests, etc.

Every room in a mansion has to be large. A mansion also has motor courts, large garages, hiking trails, Zen and formal gardens, features of waters, sports facilities, etc. The materials of a mansion are usually sustainable with the most luxurious fabrics, rich stonework, and the most beautiful woods. A mansion will also be completed with high-tech security systems, features of the smart home, desirable amenities, etc.

  • Octagon House

In the 1850s, this house type was prevalent. It was in Canada and the USA that this house type was built for the very first time. Its characteristics are eight-sided design with a veranda all around, a flat roof, easy to build, easy to receive heat and natural light and allow more space.

  • European

If you want to develop a European house, you will have to know that it should include various styles. The Georgian style, French Country, Italianate style, and Spanish style can be considered to be European Houses.

So, anything related to those houses can be included in the European style. Its exterior design will consist of stone, brick, or concrete. This house type sometimes gets mixed-up with the French-Normandy style with the arched openings combined with the windows of Italian Palladian. European house of Spanish style can include the low-pitched terracotta and clay-tile ornamentation.

  • Colonial

A colonial type house that was popular from the 1600s to 1800s can still be seen now. There are Dutch Colonial, German Colonial, French Colonial, and Spanish Colonial. All of them have their uniqueness.

For example, the Spanish Colonial House may have an inner courtyard, and the Dutch Colonial Style may be built from stone and brick. You can conclude that every style has different features. The features may include the gambrel roofs, square rooms, barn, fireplaces which are located on the end of the house, and rectangular shape overall.
It is wise to learn about different kinds of architectural styles to have the best house plan suitable for you and your family.

A little research before building a house will give you no harm. After finding the best, you should talk to your architect and discuss deeper about the house type.

Photos of the Different Types of Houses in the World to Help You Select the Best House for Your Family

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