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Save the Earth with These Eco-Friendly Design Ideas That You can Apply

Building an eco-friendly house is not something to be trifled with. It is not an impossible matter for sure, but you cannot think that building an eco-friendly home is as easy as living life as a disgustingly rich person, no. Creating an eco-friendly house (or all sorts of houses on that matter) is something that you need to find ideas for. Without a plan to back your will, there is no way you can make a house. If you cannot build an ordinary house, how do you expect to make an eco-friendly one?

That is why you need to know the basics of building a house and the basics of an eco-friendly home while you are at it. When you have mastered the two, it would not be long before you get your hands on an eco-friendly house. With an eco-friendly home, not only you are making yourself comfortable, but you are also saving the world. Everyone is a winner with an eco-friendly house.

But I digressed. The reason why you visited this article is to find ideas for an eco-friendly house, correct? You are not here to find out whether building an eco-friendly home is morally right or wrong. You are here because you want to know how to make a house that is eco-friendly. If that is what you are after, fear not, my friends, for I will present to you several ideas that you need to make an eco-saving house. So without further ado, strap on your seatbelt because you are about to go on a journey of the mind.

The very first idea comes from the way you put the face of your house

This simple rule will save you from certain doom: do not build your home facing westward. This kind of thinking will make your house a bit cooler. Why? Because the sunrise is in the east and set in the west, and do you know how long the sun will perch itself high into the sky? The sun might be moving slowly, but its apex is definitely when it is sitting on the west side of the earth. The sun will be in its hottest when it reaches the top, and if you build your house facing west while the sun is at its apex, you will certainly need to turn that air-conditioner for a long time.

Air conditioners, as we all know it, is not exactly eco-friendly.
On the contrary, building your house where the sun does not shine is never a good thing as well. When you are building a house in a dark place, the lack of sun will make your home damp. Dampness is also not a good feeling to be in, so there is a high chance that you will also turn the air-conditioner on (lots of air-conditioners today got this anti-damp mode). You get where I am going here?

Take heed of your doors and windows

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Another important aspect of an eco-friendly house is the placement of the windows and the doors. As you might have noticed, doors are like the gateway between the comfort of our homes and the world outside. You use it when you want to leave the house (unless you are a bit strange) and you sometimes use it to tell your potential guests about what kind of person you are. What you might not know is the fact that doors can also serve as an exit for other things aside from yourself.

What I am talking about here is the air. The door is the biggest opening in the house if you open it, and the wind tends to sway to the biggest opening available. This means that the door is the ‘hole’ in which the air inside your house escape and the air outside your house enter. It serves a great purpose as a big ventilation hole, and it can keep the air in your home fresh. Not many people understand the importance of doors until they discover a giant rat cadaver somewhere in their house.

The windows serve the same purpose, but you should buy energy-star rated windows. Any window would do, but energy-star rated ones are always better than the normal ones. It is all dependent on your budget. If you can splurge, do not be afraid to do so.

Insulating your house is another important aspect

This is a strange concept for those living not in developed countries because having a home is its feat in those kinds of states. In the USA, however, having a house that is not insulated is a quick way to been seen as a cheapskate by your neighbors. House insulation is a good thing for you because it stops the heat and the fresh air from escaping through the crevices that your house might have. You can insulate it yourself if you got the tool and the skills, but many contractors are ready to do this for you should you lack the necessary things.

The thing is, insulation is not a cheap thing to have. Contractors will generally charge a hefty fee for this, especially if you have already stretched your wallet when you are building the house. If you are filthy rich, however, always insulate with the best ingredients.

The roofs also talk a lot about the eco-friendliness

For the roofing, pick one of these two: bamboo or aluminum. Other than those two, you are better off throwing trash on the roadside. Bamboo and aluminum are great materials that can help protect your house from all sorts of troublesome things.

OPTIONAL: solar panels

Now this here is very much optional because a solar panel is an expensive technology. It can warm you up, make electricity for you, warm your water up, and so much more. The catch is the price. The smaller ones can cost you somewhere around 90 to 300 USD, but the big one, the one that would make a significant impact on your electricity bill, would cost you about 900 USD or more. Now I do not know about you, but not all of us can pull 900 USD out of our paychecks.

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