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Giving Your House the BIG Treatment

Are you someone with a cute tiny place for your house? Do you think your home is not as big as your neighbors’? Does the lack of size bring the sadness to you? Do you crave for a BIG to satisfy that need? If your answers to all of those questions is a resounding yes, then look no further for the solution, my friends, for I, as a good Samaritan, will give you just that. This article was created for those who wanted BIG.

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But there is another question that needs to be answered: do you want a big house or do you want to make your small home look big in the inside? If you lean more to the first question, then the only solution I can give you is to work harder, make more money, and do some upgrade on your house (or buy a brand new one). If you gravitate more to the second question, then this article will be a good read for you.

Because time is something that all of us do not have much of, below are the things that you can do to give your house the great treatment:

Take to the ceiling and the walls

The ceiling and the walls are probably the two things that can make or break the BIG treatment. You see, to BIG-ly treat the ceiling, you can make use of beautiful colors for it. Opt for colors that will ‘shine’ if you shine the light on them. This will give the ceiling a nice lift, making the room look bigger than it should be.

If the ceiling is not enough, then the walls should also be treated. If you can, buy bright-colored wallpapers and stick them to the walls. Not only that the bright wallpapers will not suck the heat outside that much, but it will also add a dimension to the room.

One more thing: it does not matter if you are using this tips on the bedroom, the living room, the toilet, or the storage room. All rooms can be ‘enlarged’ using this method.

If wallpapers are not your thing, then bright wall paint should be the top priority

Say that you hate wallpapers because of an unknown reason. If so, you can opt for a bucket of paint to cover your walls. Use bright colors like pink, cream, yellow, aqua, or any color that you think is bright. Bright colors will reflect light more than dark colors, and reflection is what makes everything look bigger (you do not believe it? Go to a mirror house and see if you can find a mirror that enlarges you).

The thing is, this tip is only perfectly applicable if you are applying the bright colors on rooms that you want to ‘enliven’. Living rooms and kitchens are perfect candidates for bright colors. Bedrooms and toilets? Not so much. Darker colors can give us a cozy feeling more than bright colors, and the only thing we want to feel when we are sleeping is coziness, am I right?

Put some distance between the wall and the furniture

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Putting the furniture close to the wall is a good way of making space for your house. Unfortunately, this only occurs if this is the opposite day. Putting furniture close to the wall is NEVER a good thing because it can make the room look cramped. Yes, you get more leg space, but the room will look smaller.

But this does not mean you can cram the furniture together. It is also a bad idea to have NO distance between the furniture. Putting furniture together without any space between them would be counterproductive.

Again, bright colors for the floors

Wooden (or, God help us all, stone) flooring is not exactly a good idea if you want to make a house look more prominent. The reason for this is because they are usually dark regarding color. Pick a brighter color for your floor, and it will give the illusion of a bigger house.

If you can get it, marbles are usually a good pick because they are bright. While there are dark colored marbles, it is undeniable that the bright colored ones are more popular.

Make people look up

The tips are what it is: make people look up. By making look up, you are giving the opportunity to see the ceiling, and like it has been mentioned before, the ceiling is the place that you should provide your focus on. Doing this is pretty simple: just put a bookcase or a hanging shelf. Make sure the thing can ‘force’ your guests to look up. If not, then you are fighting a losing war.

Big furniture is better

When I said big, I do not mean that you should get the biggest furniture you can ever find and put them in your house, no. What I mean is that you should get furniture that is ‘cohesive’. Get furniture that will not clutter your home. Rather than going for that small ottoman, why not go for a beautiful coffee table? Pick a single couch rather than small couches. You might not save space this way, but it gives the illusion of a bigger room.

Buy a striped rug

For some reason, striped rugs can make a room look bigger, especially when combined with a bright floor. Get yourself a zebra rug or other rugs that are stripped. Avoid the bear ones because not only they are scary, they add nothing to the overall look.

Make everything tidy

This is another simple tip that you can go with: if you want to give the illusion of space, you need to make sure that everything in your house is all tidy and organized. You see, when you have an organized room, every area within the said room will pop. If you compare it to a cluttered room, the difference would be like night and day.

That is all about the things that you can do to make your small house look BIG. I am sure there are lots of other tips available, but the tips below are probably the most common of those tips.

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