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How to Create a Good Home Decoration Flow

There is a great excitement once you build your own home and start decorating it by yourself. But, there are some common mistakes, especially if you are not a professional interior designer when it comes to decorating the inside of your house. These common mistakes will make your home a little bit off regarding look. Here is what you have to do when you want to decorate the inside of your house by yourself according to my personal preference. 

Be modern and Unique

Making your interior design look stylish and unique is always a good thing to do. A modern interior usually simple in both color, pattern, and shape so. This modern interior is a safe option especially if you don’t have vast knowledge in designing your interior and I always offer this option to the clients. You can keep playing with modern and unique interiors as long as you see fit. Make sure that the decorations you use on the interior won’t make the room seems off. If you are not happy with the result, then your design is a problem and you should consult it to a capable person as fast as you can before you start wasting more money on useless decorations.

Modern and unique furniture usually lack functionality, have a weird color, or old themes. It is good to maintain a unique room, but what is the point when you have plenty of unique items but none of them look good when placed on the room. Therefore, you should stay in the right proportion. Also, you should pay attention to the size of your room. The available space shouldn’t be filled with all of your favorite furniture. I usually leave some space for future re-design and the flow of the room.  Be functional and practical, you will have no problem with any modern and unique furniture and decorations. 

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Pay attention to your color decision

Choosing the paint color of the room is crucial. The color will determine the mood of the room. It is also will decide what kind of furniture you should have on the room. As the focal point of the room, you should pick the furniture first before painting the whole room. Once you find your favorite and most comfortable room, then you can start to paint the room by choosing a color that suits with the furniture. 

Consider the size of your room

Having a proper measurement of any available room on your house is extremely important. The size of a room will determine what kind of color that fit well and the type of furniture should be used in the room. Being proportional and throw a little bit of your perfectionist thinking is also essential. Measuring the room can determine the size of the furniture you will use. 

With perfectly fitted furniture, you will see that your room won’t feel cramped and have a good flow circulation. You can go in and out to the room quickly. Leaving some space in the room is essential so that the room won’t be stacked by many things. When I recommend the clients if they want to have a lounge or not, I do always check the proportion of the lounge with the adjacent room. Measuring, entryways, and depth are essential calculations so you will have a comfortable lounge suite. 

Contrast objects with the room color

Having contrast objects with the color of any of your room will avoid them to feel monotonous. A monotone room may bore you and anyone who enters the room. With contrasting the object and the paint you use in the room, you can keep it attractive. Therefore, paying attention when choosing the right decorations and furniture color are important. 
Contrasting the object inside a room can also be used if you want certain objects to be a focal point or highlight of the room. For example, in your bedroom, the general color is blue and its gradation. Then, you can strike the room with contrast color such as gray, white, or cream on some of the furniture. This contrasting furniture will be the highlight of your room and you won’t feel bored once you enter the bedroom. 

Don’t pile up the room with decorations

Putting so many ornaments in one room will reduce the circulation flow and the functionality of the room. Space will be cut down because you place additional furniture or decoration. Keep it simple with several decorations that won’t make the room look stacked, full, and cramped. When setting decorations, I usually maintain the circulation flow of the room and leave some space for more comfort. The function of decoration is to beautify the room, instead of making it full like a pawnshop. 

Keep it comfy

As an interior designer, I believe that comfort is the most important element in designing the interior of your house. Everything should be comfortable for anyone who lives inside the house. The furniture and decorations you choose should make your eyes, body, feeling, and mind comfortable once you enter the room. Therefore, always following the latest trend is not wise because some of the trending furniture usually lack functionality and only eat up space in your room. 

Before you getting yourself any furniture or decoration, make sure that you test it out to check the comfortability and quality. Although the color and shape of the decoration or furniture may interest you, if it is not comfortable or has low durability, then you should pick the others. Using this mindset, you can avoid wasting money on useless decorations or furniture. 

If you are having a hard time designing the interior of your house, you can always leave it to the hand of a professional. Make sure that the person you trust is certified so that the design won’t disappoint you. The interior designer will usually recommend you with several options. It is better if the designer has a link to various furniture and decoration seller with low price and high quality. For cheaper furniture and decoration, you should always try to check what is available around your living space because the locals sometimes give you what you need. 

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