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What an Interior Designer Think When Renovating your Home

Renovating your house can be fun, and it could be more fun when you know how to do it or if you have a very accommodating interior designer. As a good interior designer, I will take my time so that the design will be satisfactory. Several things are usually taken into consideration by an interior designer.

People’s preference when renovating their house

A professional design interior that has years of experience is usually able to see the pattern of people’s choice when they renovate their home. According to many interior designers, including myself, people, especially around the last decade, usually prefer a brighter and lighter color compared to a shocking color such as red or orange tone. You can also see the fact that there are many minimalist houses utilizing pastel or neutral color on the inside. This also applies to furniture such as cabinets. People even move towards paint grade cabinets rather than stain grade cabinets. 

When it came to flooring, the plank is preferred by most people. The type of plank used is the LVP or luxury vinyl plank for most of the house. Compared to the previous generation, today’s LVP is much more durable and more comfortable to maintain. Also, modern LVPs are improved so that they look like a real plank. So, if you want to opt for an excellent wooden plank for your house, using the LVP might be the best option to follow the trend but at the same time still maintaining the aesthetic and functionality of your home. 

Nowadays, people also love to use quartz countertops instead of the old granite ones. Compared to the granite countertops, the quartz countertops are more accessible to maintain so will spend less time, money, and effort to clean the countertop. Aside from that, the quartz countertops now have various patterns that can mimic almost everything from exotic granites to natural marbles. 

Future trends of interior designing in 2018/19

When deciding to do a renovation, you may consider following the current pattern as long as it is functional and well matched with your house. I believe that the current trend is to utilize natural woods in most of your home. You may find various hand scraped natural woods, overtly distressed furniture pieces, and wide plank barn board flooring. 
As for the details, many interior designers including me usually utilize jewels. Aside from that, having a warm metal tone on the decoration is also the current trending. So it is common to see brass covered furniture or decoration since it is currently trending. But, you should expect the brass furniture and decorations to be more modern, an updated version of the old brass furniture. 

Challenges to realizing the dream renovation

Problems to understanding what the clients want can’t be avoided by many interior designers. Many of the designers often time received an unusual request that may affect the aesthetic value and functionality of the room. This causes the client to have a dilemma between what they want and what should they get and placed on the house. Therefore, you should always pay attention to what your interior designer says for the sake of your home. 

Many interior designers get yelled because of their recommendation that doesn’t suit the preference of their clients but the recommendation suits perfectly with the room. Therefore, an interior designer should be able to find the balance between what the client wants and what should be on the house. If you forced your interior designer to change the color palettes or styles, you should also consider the suggestion from him/her. The key is to make your home as comfortable as you can because it is your sanctuary and nobody love it more than yourself.

What kind of renovation to increase the value of your house

I believe that there is a particular part of your home that should be renovated to improve the overall value. The common areas for renovation are the kitchen, ensuites, and basement developments. These three areas are used by most of the people. So, if you want to sell your house, I believe that renovating the three areas before selling your house is a good option to increase your house’s value. 

But, you shouldn’t always go for the three areas mentioned before. In each region, the habit may be different. This will lead to a separate busy area on the house. It could be the bedroom, where you stay the most; or the living room if your family love to enjoy sitting together enjoying a good watch. Therefore, you should check the local habit before renovating the house.  

Getting inspirations for better renovation options

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I always seek inspirations before giving recommendations or suggestions to my clients. As you may know, a creative interior designer takes their time to find inspirations and gives you the best option possible. But, you should also a little bit demanding so that the design inside your house does not solely depend on your interior designer. As mentioned before, your house is your sanctuary, therefore you should pick an option that provides you with the most comfort. 

Also, if your interior designer has no idea where to start, you can try to give him/her a photo of your dream design. This will help your interior designer to set what should be applied to your house. Sometimes, I asked my client for a photo of their dream design if they don’t have any clue about what to buy or where to start. You can also visit house showrooms with your interior designer and browse any design that can be applied to your house. 

As an interior designer, I always give the clients more options based on their preference. This is because if I force my suggestion, the clients may live in an uncomfortable house that doesn’t suit their preference. Therefore, having good communication is essential. You should also know when to start and stop demanding to your interior designer so that your choice and request won’t make the job harder. 

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