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Never Make These Mistakes While Designing Your House

Designing a house is costly, so you have to think it carefully before starting it. You have to make a perfect house design plan to prevent any unwanted conditions. The list below is some mistakes made by most beginner designers while designing a new house.

Designing Too Many Small Rooms

How many rooms do you want for the new house? Consider about the primary rooms first. Let say, you need to build a bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and many others. It is better not to build too many rooms although it seems you need it. Instead of doing such kind of mistake, it is better to build a multifunction room.

Let say, you can build a large bedroom and use the part of the room for a reading spot or office. Constructing a house with a few big rooms is a good investment because it easily attracts buyers than building a house with a lot of small room.

The Way You Locate a Master Bedroom

The key is focusing on the primary rooms first. For example, you need to focus on the master bedroom because this is the place where you sleep, and you will use it every day. There are some important things to consider before constructing a master bedroom. First, a master bedroom is your private room. That is why you need to locate it on the quiet and cozy place in the house.

Locating a master bedroom close to the dining room or family room is a bad idea because it will be too noisy and disturbing your sleeping time. The best solution is locating the master bedroom in a specific area far away from the other rooms.

Give Too Much Space Between the Garage and Kitchen

A good house has a kitchen and garage. What you need to consider is about the distance between the kitchen and garage. Commonly, the gap between the kitchen and garage is too far away. As a result, you are exhausted anytime you want to go to the kitchen from the garage or vice versa. Indeed, the best solution is designing the kitchen and garage strictly each other.

The best part of having a garage which closes to the kitchen is that you can easily transfer the groceries to the kitchen after buying it from the supermarket.

The Size of the Foyer

The difference between an interesting house and uninteresting one is the size of the foyer. The foyer has to be bright, large, clean, and comfortable. You need to consider that because this is the first place the visitors see when they are visiting your house.

Just imagine if you have a small foyer at home. It might look dark, small, and uncomfortable. If it is possible, you can also construct a staircase. You don’t have to create a too high staircase. A 5 feet staircase from the front door is the ideal construction to build a comfortable house. You also need to complete it with some accessories and furniture to make it more comfortable. For example, you may put some chairs, console table, and any small furniture around the foyer.

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Lack of Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential things to make the house comfortable. By having enough lighting, you can do anything clearly, especially at night. The problem is that some of you don’t care about the lighting.

Commonly, there is a lack of lighting in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and many others. As a result, the rooms are too dark, especially at night and you are enabled to see clearly. Lighting is not only from the lamp, but you can also build some windows and let the sunlight passing through the room. By using this simple trick, you don’t have to turn on the lamps in the morning or afternoon. Indeed, you will have a low-cost electricity bill house. Remember! Think about the lighting while designing a home otherwise, your house looks dark and scary.

Install the Electrical Tools Improperly

Another important thing you need to know is the way you put the electrical installation. Never place the electrical installation without a proper process. Putting the electrical installation without considering the safe way to do it will be very dangerous. Anyone can be electrocuted. Improper electrical installation can also trigger a fire.

Construct the House without a Perfect Plan

Constructing without a perfect plan is also a severe problem for you who want to design a new house. It seems that you are only imagining the design and then ask the architect or the contractor to build it. Indeed, it is a fatal mistake and never does it.

The best thing to do before constructing a house is creating a perfect plan first. An ideal plan helps you a lot and provides you with complete information. Let say, you can check the size of the room, design, materials, colors, and even the cost to complete the room. Having a perfect home design plan is a way to keep cost based on your budget. Without a perfect plan, you might have to pay more than you have calculated before.

Put Too Many Accessories in One Room

Only because you want to make the room more interesting to see, it doesn’t mean that you have to put all the accessories there. It makes the place looks messy and crowded, and you will have an uncomfortable room. Instead of putting all the accessories, it is better to decide the theme of the room first. Then, choose the perfect accessories which support the theme of the room.

Try to keep the room balance, so it looks comfortable and attracting to see. Just make sure that the items on the room match with the color of the room. You may hire an interior designer if it is necessary and let them handle it for you.

So, there are some essential things you need to consider while constructing a house. At the same time, there are also some of the mistakes you mustn’t do in the process. By studying the detail above, you can have a comfortable house along with reasonable cost and interesting design. Even, constructing a house with a great design is also an investment because it attracts more and more buyers to come. The price of the home will be higher, and it is profitable for you

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