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Smart Tips of Saving Space At Your House

Having a lot of spaces inside a house is important, no matter how you decorate the house and arrange the furniture. However, there are various accessories which can be used and helpful for you to utilize the available space at your home. Special to help you, here are several recommendations of products that you can consider to buy for every room at your house.

Utility Room

Are you spending a lot of your efforts to dry your laundry during the winter? Did you consider a dryer machine but worried this machine will not have any spaces or takes a lot of spaces in your utility room? Do you know that there are steps that you can choose to make sure you can receive benefits from using a dryer machine without losing any valuable space in your utility room?

One of the most excellent ways to utilize spaces when you are bringing a dryer machine inside your house is by stacking it on top of your washing machine. It is recommended to use a stacking kit if you want to apply this step. But you have to know that if you fail to use the stacking kit, it is potential to cause accidents. Such as the top appliances fall over when the door is opened.

It is easy and fast to install universal stacking kit. It makes it possible for you to stack the dryer machine on top of your washing machine. Most stacking kits are suitable to be used with appliances that have 60 cm by 60 cm sizes. However, you are still suggested to check the dimensions first before you purchase it.

Along with the possibility for you to safely stack the dryer machine on top of your washing machine, it will be better if you buy a stacking kit which is completed with a shelf that can be slid out. So that it will be easy for you unload your laundry from the washing machine to the dryer machine.


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During the festive time, there is a big possibility that you have to struggle for spaces inside your refrigerator. You probably also need to struggle for spaces after a big shop, depends on the sizes and needs of your household.

In this kind of situation, instead of trying to force all of the items to get into your refrigerator, why do not you consider to buy a wine rack shelf? This will allow you to cool down your wine bottles without you having to use other valuable spaces on the shelf. So that you can use it to store other foods.

There are a lot of wine rack shelves which are available for your refrigerator. There are various brands and models that you can choose from. If you want to, you can select the one that can merely slide onto one of the shelves in your existing refrigerator which can accommodate up to 3 wine bottles.

You are also able to look for a brand that offers a shelf if you want the one that can hold more bottles of wine. You can choose a wine rack shelf that can accommodate up to 4 wine bottles so that it can free the valuable spaces inside your refrigerator.

You can also save more spaces in your kitchen area by having a wall-mounted microwave. Instead of placing it on the kitchen table, having a microwave that is mounted to the wall at your kitchen will save a lot of spaces. You can use a wall bracket to do so. A wall bracket is easy to be installed. Moreover, it can support a load of up to 29 kg maximum weight so that a wall bracket is suitable for not only a microwave but also other small kitchen utensils.

If your kitchen area does not have enough spaces anymore to save a cutting board, you can use a handy drawer that can be used as a cutting board. Choose a flat wooden drawer so that you can cut vegetables there. This way, you can have both a storage and cutting board in your kitchen.


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As you know, TV nowadays gets bigger. So that finding a TV unit that matches with the decoration of your house is quite hard. It may also be challenging to find the one that does not take a lot of spaces in your home. If you care about the available spaces at your house and how the spaces will fit your choice of a TV unit, a wall-mounted bracket can help you to solve this problem.

A TV wall bracket is suitable for 25 inches television set until the one with more than 60 inches. It is beneficial for you to save spaces in your bedroom or lounge. So that you can keep your TV set to the wall without ruining the decoration of the rooms at your house.

If you plant it carefully and use various available accessories that can save spaces, you will be able to maximize your household appliances with the open spaces at your house. Moreover, with just a little money to spend.

Or, you can place your TV set under the staircase at your house. The space under the stairs is quite promising to save spaces. Instead of making it a waste, you can place your TV unit there or other stuff such as a wardrobe or make it as your working space. Just make sure you arrange it neatly so that your house will not look crowded.


Save your items under your bed. Choose wooden bedding with an empty box underneath. Do not forget to install hinges so that your bed is comfortable to open and close. For another alternative, you can also use a portable box which is placed under your bed. This way, your bedroom will not look messy with a lot of scattered stuff.

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