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Tips to Easily & Efficiently Paint Your House

Many persons start to cringe when the time to paint their houses slowly comes close. Freedom to be creative and artistic expression are not the priority, all of the ideas which are already planned start to seem impractical, and what remains before them is somewhat a difficult task. 

One single mistake can make waste or at least taking all of the beauties away. However, a smart person is still looking forward to the final results without being afraid to make any careless mistakes along the process. It is because they have several tips which they believe to be helpful to overcome any problems they face.

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So when it comes to painting your house, do not be too worried or scared about what probably goes wrong. Instead, wait for it passionately. Below are the tips to quickly and efficiently paint your house that you can follow.

  1. Direct painting on a dirty and oily surface will prove to be a waste. It is because the paint will easily to be peeled off. Please clean the dirty areas that you are going to paint first with a strong cleaner to solve this problem.
  2. To maintain a consistent color in the entire room at your house, you are suggested to mix several cans of paint before. If you open a new can of paint when you are in the middle of painting the walls of your house will make a slightly different shade of color. Mixing the paints with the same colors will help you to overcome this kind of problem.
  3. Paint the trim first before you paint your ceilings and walls at your house. It will be a lot easier to tape off the trim than tape off the walls. When you are painting the trim, you do not have to do it neatly because the paint which is getting onto the walls will later be covered.
  4. One single paint coat is usually not able to the primary colors on the trim. You have to sand the trim first before every layer of paint is applied to make sure that the finishing is smooth.
  5. To avoid lap marks, you can roll up to the full height of your walls and keep the edges wet. A lap mark shows when an original paint over a part which has already dried partly. Reload the roller often to keep the edges moist.
  6. To avoid a blotchy finish, you are suggested to treat the patches of the walls at your house with textures and primes. The pieces of the walls can absorb paint and make the surface looks dull. The primer can seal the patches block the paint so that it will not sink in.
  7. Let the paint dry first before you cut the tape loose so that you can have perfect edges. Because paint forms a film between the walls and the tape, removing the tape will also tear off a little bit of dried paint from the walls. Slice through the film with a sharp knife when the pain completely dries to solve this type of problem.

With these several tips and house paints with high quality, you will have an exciting experience of painting your house, even though it is your first time doing this duty.

Inspirations of Painting Techniques to Make Your Walls More Decorative

  1. If you want to create a decorative pattern when you are painting the walls at your house, you can use a pattern paint roll. With this helpful tool, you can create various models as the finishing so that your walls look more decorative and less plain. The way to use this tool is the same as using the usual paint roll.
  2. You are also able to create patterns on your wall by using a cloth or roll of cloth. Before the wall paints completely dry, use a wet cloth to erase some parts of the wall paints. By pressing the wet cloth on the wet wall paints, you will be able to have patterns according to the fabric folds. This way, the walls at your house will look rich in textures.
  3. To make your walls look more artistic, leave a trace of your life, family members, or friends by creating hand stamps on the walls. This idea is suitable for you who want to make the walls at your house look more unique and lively. Invite your family members, your close friends, and your beloved ones to create their hand stamps on your walls. It is also able to build a wall of memory at your house.
  4. Another way to create artistic patterns on your walls; use a stencil. You do not need any tools or professionals to have decorative designs on your walls. With a stencil, you will get regular patterns with a professional touch.
  5. Do you want to create a rough texture on the walls at your house? Then, you can use a brush which is flattened to create such a texture. Just by pressing the wet wall paints with a flattened brush, you can make your walls rich in textures.
  6. Do you have a palm-fiber broom at your house? By using that kind of broom, you can create a vertical pattern and texture on your walls. When the wall paints are still wet, brush the palm-fiber room on the walls vertically. This idea will leave the walls at your house looks aesthetically elegant. You are also able to make a horizontal pattern and texture if you wish.

Those are the tips to paint your house and some inspirations of painting technique that you can follow to have decorative walls.

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