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Tips and Tricks to Re-Decorate Your House

Home is where the family lives. Home is where you can relax and do everything you love. You will fill your house with many things and furniture that will make you cozy and comfortable. However, you need to do some renewal and re-decorating to your home from time to time.

This re-decorating needs to be done to make your house feel more comfortable and cozier. Also, by re-decorating your house, you will feel as if you have a new house. Believe it or not, re-decorating your house does not always mean that you have to spend so much money. It is all about tricks, tips, and recycles. As long as you have your creativity, you can transform your house into something so beautiful. Thus, in this article, we will be giving you all of the information about how to re-decorating your house cheaply.

Starting at the front

When you want to re-decorate your house, always starting at the front of your house. For example, the front door or the exterior walls. It is essential to re-decorate your front door or your exterior walls. The reason is that because you and your guests will be welcomed by your front house every time you enter your house.

No need to buy a new door. All you need to do is re-painting it. It is strongly suggested that you need to choose warm colors for your door. For example, bright colors such as yellow or orange colors. If you do not like bright colors, you can go with pastel or soft colors. Try to avoid painting your door using dark colors because it can look too gloomy. If re-painting your front door or exterior walls is not enough for you, you can add some door decorations or walls decorations to add some aesthetic points. The ornaments which you can add such as common plants, or welcome sign, or even welcome mat.

Rearrange your living room

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After you are done with re-decorating your front door and exterior walls, you can move onto your living room. As we all know, the living room is the main focus of the house when there are people come to your house. The living room is also a place where the family can hang out and talk about their day while relaxing. You need to arrange the sofas and the chair so that they can add some aesthetic points as well as comfortable feeling. As a start, you can rearrange the position of the couches and the armchair.

To get a better conversation, you can either use the ‘U’ style or the ‘H’ style. If you are using the ‘U’ style, you can place the armchair on each side of the coffee table while the sofa is in the middle.

On the other hand, if you want to use the ‘H’ style, you can place the coffee table in the middle with the sofa and the armchairs are facing each other. By using these kinds of styles, you can have a comfortable and relax talking with your family member. If you want to have a larger living room, try to avoid placing your furniture against the wall.

Get a natural light

Nothing can defeat the natural light from the sun. It is believed that a house with natural light is a healthy house. Thus, try to maximize the use of your windows to let the sunlight in your house. By using this natural light from the sun, you can save your money from paying the electric bills. A cheap way to get your house healthy.

Get larger with mirrors

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Another cheap trick which you can use to re-decorate your house is by installing some wall mirrors. This kind of method can be used if you feel that your house is a little bit tight. You can install the mirrors on each room perpendicular with the window. That way, the mirror can bounce the light and the shadow of the window and will make your house feel bigger.

Commonly, the room which needs mirror is the living room. You can install about two mirrors in your living room. To support the mirror, you can paint your living room with a neutral color such as white or off-white.

Get creative using illusion

The use of the mirrors is not just to make the room feel and look bigger but it can also make your walls look longer. You can choose the leaned mirror for this matter. Besides the mirror, you can also use the curtain trick. To make your walls look longer or your ceiling looks higher, you can install the curtain to be higher than your window. This will make your guests think that your house has a high ceiling.

Last but not least, if you use wallpaper for your wall, you can choose the vertical stripe wallpaper design to make your walls look longer.

Be careful with the rug

The living room without a rug? That is a no-go. A carpet for a living room is kind of important. The rug can give your living room an additional aesthetic point. Also, the rug can make your feet feel comfortable when you are relaxing in your living room.

However, many people seem to have a hard time when choosing the best rug for their living room. If you are not careful, your rug will not fit with your living room. Either it is too big or too small. If you have a living room which has one sofa, one coffee table, and two armchairs, you need to measure the size first before you buy the rug.

If the rug is too big, there will be a lot of excess space which will not look good for the eye. On the other hand, if the rug is too small, it will probably not fit until the sofa or the armchairs and will end up living your feet in the coldness of the floor. By measuring the space of your seating area, you will get a perfect size for the rug.

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